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Saturday, May 11, 2019

A Saturday in the Catskills - Catskills homes for sale

It's little league season, and I love baseball and my once-reluctant now enthusiastic son pitched his first game today.  He did good and got awarded the game ball by the coach.  He also had his 4th grade essay on his football championship game published in the local paper.

Weather was nice so the 9am game started chilly but warmed quickly.  His team, the Thunder, is 7-0.  We then rested for an hour before his private batting lessons, then a trip to GAIT, which is a group that uses equines for therapy that I've been privileged to support with the profits of Catskill Farms, HQ real estate located in Sullivan County, this idea I had nearly 20 year ago.

After GAIT, which was nursing a young male foal that was born just a few days ago, we had to drive to Narrowsburg NY for an appointment to show our newest mini modern house (for sale for $305k and to check out the progress of a 1500 sq ft barn house nearly completed (and under contract)

We ended up taking the '72 Malibu convertible since it was such a nice day, but to be honest, I was too tired after a pretty busy day to get up and take a proper picture.  It's a cool car.

Monday I have a charity gold united way Milford tourney with Eric Goldstein of G5 Agency of Narrowsburg NY.

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