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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Ranch 28, Ulster County NY Real Estate

A new Ranch, hot of the presses sold last week, as did a resale of a Ranch we built on a nice piece of real estate in Saugerties.  It was interesting to see a 6 year old Ranch 14 (as seen here and here)sell for $643k and our new one sell for $575k.  Means we are still offering so much value, and leaving a lot on the table for our clients.  I guess that's why there is only 1 Catskill Farms, and our competition remains unnoticed and unseen, except for house here and there.

Ranch 28 below - 

A classic form that has been well-received over the years.

Interiors of the main living space and the mountain views from the master bedroom.  Some of the best real estate in the Catskills.

We make good use of our ground floor space in these ranches.  Terrific, well-lit spaces with a ton of form and function.

More pics of the new home can be found at Ranch 28 on our Catskill Farms website, which features 20 years of our Catskills homes.

Summer time is here, with summer activities in the Catskills.  Little league, dog walks, hikes, and all sorts of related fun.

 Son Lucas.

Catskill Farms Chief, Chuck

And Dog, Lulu.

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