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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Tour Around Town - Catskills, Sullivan County, Ulster County Real Estate

I get around.  

In the course of any given week, I do a lot of traveling around the Hudson Valley and beyond.

Just this morning I was in Bethel reviewing Ranch 33 and Barn 31 before heading out to Narrowsburg in Southwestern Sullivan County to check out 2 houses, now in contract, that will be selling shortly.

Been wet again this year, with postponed little league games every week, tough construction weather, and just a general malaise about the whole thing.  Upside has been a series of really fine weekends for sure.

Barn 28, selling for a little under $400k to an owner of Italian descent, 

And Ranch 34, selling for just over $300k, to owners of Indian descent.

Since I was in the area, I road up the small lane on which my first 3 houses reside, Farm 1...

 Farm 2 and 

Farm 3.

There was a crazy windstorm that blew through last spring (2018) and while dozens of trees were blown over, the houses stood up well against the gale force winds.

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