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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Catskill Farms' Founder Charles Petersheim Announces Philanthropic Fund

Charles Petersheim, founder of Catskill Farms (and writer of this blog, and a ton of letters to the editors) announced the creation of a donor-advised fund that will give back to the communities he works and lives in.  The Petersheim Fund, administered as part of the Greater Pike Foundation, is intended to give to organizations that I respect and play some part in, as well as finding a way to make micro-grants to kids in need of band instruments, sports fees, SAT prep, etc...

Quoting myself, "We've been giving as long as we have been earning. What we are doing with the GPF is organizing that giving a little better, as well as spreading the word a little further.'

See the local news article here - Pike County Courier Petersheim Fund.

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