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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Recent Sales of Real Estate in County Sullivan & Ulster

Sales continue to be brisk in this 19th year of business.  We are closing on a new home every 3 weeks or so, throughout real estate in the Catskills, recently Bethel, Olivebridge and Narrowsburg.

In Sullivan County, we just finished and sold Ranch 33 and Barn 31 in the small Birches subdivision in Bethel NY.

The Ranch, on Lot 19, has calming tree house feel to it and The Barn sits on a bluff above a pretty pond and open field.

These are our 8th and 9th home in this project that lay dormant for 12 years until we arrived on the scene.

Barn 31 - Sullivan County Real Estate.

Then our mini-ranch in Narrowsburg was a big hit at 820 sq ft, sporting 7 acres and 2 bedrooms.  Sullivan County Real Estate

We have this first of its kind American Four Square in Olivebridge NY - Farmhouse 53, adding to our Ulster County NY real estate portfolio.

Ranch 28, Ulster County Real Estate.  Also located in Olivebridge NY.

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