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Friday, January 17, 2020

Another One Sold in Stone Ridge NY - Bigger Barn

I bought 4 building lots at the end of an abandoned cul de sac a little over a year ago, and now here we are, just about finished building it out, and successfully selling all 4.  Finally, after years of effort, I've been able to stack the team with enough all stars to run two independent crews, one in Sullivan County and one in Ulster.  This has enabled each team to stay focused on the project at hand and not bounce around from job to job, emergency to emergency.  This has allowed for better quality control, and less stress, as the jobs are manned each day, and there is a sense of ownership on each specific job by a crew leader, and the responsibility therein.

Of all the things I've achieved over the years, the team I've assembled at this moment in time is top notch.  It's always been good, but this one really rocks in ways that were missing before, be it accounting, book-keeping, or site management.

This rejiggered organization of labor allowed us to power through 2 homes in Olivebridge and now 4 homes in Stone Ridge.  Stone Ridge isn't the easiest place to build, with a stringent building department and a part-time inspector, a mix that can create a slow administrative process.  But we figured out their sweet spot and made it happen, developing and building out $2.5m of new construction, all sold or under contract.

The stories of each home owner, and how they found us, and what they considered before us is telling and individual but contain many common threads and strains.

Barn 33's owner went through more trials than most.  They shopped and bid on a farmhouse on Dawson Lane in early 2018, then they went the whole way to a last and best bid process on the FourSquare in Olivebridge.  After not getting that house, we found them a new piece of land, and built them exactly what they wanted, in record time.  Now they own it, and are spending weekends there.

More picture can be found on our website at CatskillFarms.com - Barn 33.

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