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Monday, February 3, 2020

Ranch Sells in Kingston - Catskills Real Estate

Our ability to produce and deliver homes is frankly unparalleled in the region.  The combination of office, project management, cash flow, skilled labor, thoughtful subcontractors, lending relationships, and municipal relationships create a delivery schedule that is averaging more than 1 a month for years.

We have some competition out there, but if you add it all together - all the various companies doing new work (half of them just copying our work and confusing the marketplace with similar marketing, language, etc...) - they aren't putting out half the homes we do in a given year.  And not 'a given year', but year after year, and now we are starting to talk about decade after decade.

Now, this isn't to brag, though I'm not against bragging if you got the goods.  It's just an achievement that 1, I'm extremely proud of, and 2, was not easy.  There is nothing harder than putting together a team in the Catskills, where every level of labor supply is shallow - be project management, book-keeper, lead carpenter or clean up guy.  And revert to the last blog post about the efforts I've made to retain help once I find it, with perks and benefits typically not offered in our industry and area.

I was listening to a podcast yesterday - I'm on a run of 'enthusiasm renewal' -reading lots of biographies on people (mostly businesspeople), pod casts on management and entrepreneurism - and the one guy was saying about employee retainage - 'people don't leave companies, they leave leaders'.  I agree with that.  The better I get at my job of communicating and setting out an organized vision that is adapted to the strengths of my employees, the longer they stick around.

So we delivery another finished home, on budget, ahead of schedule, and now another young family - I think a doctor, wife and 2 kids this time - are experiencing the joys of upstate, with its wide open spaces, makers, and things to do.

Ranch 30 - in the flesh.  Ulster County NY Real Estate at its finest.

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