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Sunday, March 15, 2020

2 New Homes in Saugerties for sale

Watching the news like never before in these uncertain times.  Glad I decided to go more liquid at the beginning of this year, keeping some powder dry.  Should help us navigate short-term and medium-term disruptions.  I have a lot of confidence in my business expertise, big picture evaluations, and decision-making, so while I hate to see this turmoil, I don't mind pitting my skills against my competitors during times that aren't perfect.  Anyone can look good when all the stars are aligned.  During the last recession, where we continued to build and sell homes, we built a gigantic market share lead that we never lost.  People still talk about how we were the only company selling homes back then.  It's when the depth of your team and relationships are tested most, and I have full confidence in my team, from our banking resources, to our contractors, to our clients, to my strategic and front-running pivots.  You find out who is swimming without trunks when the tide goes out.

Also, having a great sense of business history, business cycles, booms, bust and different types of recoveries, and having the perspective to put today's challenges in an historical perspective helps.  It's scary when you think 'this time is different', since whether it is for the good, or for the bad, there is typically many signals of caution and hope in things that have happened in the past.

There's a depression area story about 2 cereal brands who historically competed head to head - and when things got really bad, both had to make tough decisions about spending.  One company made the hard decision to stop branding and marketing, and the other made the equally tough decision to continue with that expensive expenditure.  Well, the company that continued to invest in its brand made market share gains that they never lost, even 90 years later.  No better time to brand when no one else is - it's cheaper, and there is less noise to compete with your message.

On Pine Lane, in Saugerties on the border with Woodstock, we have built 2 new 810 sq ft modern cabins on 1 acre each.   A new type of offering, meant to provide the Ulster County market with a more affordable option.

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