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Monday, April 20, 2020

Barn 34 and Farm 30 - Sold Real Estate in the Catskills

The other week we - was it the end of March - we sold two homes. 

The first, Farm 30 in Olivebridge NY, was a 2014 Catskill Farms new build.  The home was represented and sold by our Sistah company Lazy Meadows Realty. A fantastic home that the owners were kind enough to let me use as a 'show' house for years.  It inspired a lot of people.  Sold for $716k+/-.  About 2800 sq ft.

The 2nd was a brand new Barn 34 in Narrowsburg NY.  At 1500 sq ft on 6 acres with 600 more sq feet of finished basement, a fun home that checks a lot of boxes.  Sold for under $450k.

Our part-time graphic designer/web person has been helping out a lot, including a fun project where we are putting our builds to classic music, in order to enjoy them quietly from the comfort of the couch, or the bed, with pillows positioned comfortably, with lots of call outs to the significant other such as 'wow, honey, have you seen these guys?"

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