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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Donate, Don't Deposit

Dear Catskill Farms Clients, Fans, Followers and Admirers,
Without a doubt, the collection of families that are acquainted and supporters of Catskill Farms are a talented and unique bunch. Resilient, creative, smart, and hard-working. And interestingly, from what I’ve observed over the last 20 years, many times oddly insulated from these economic and social disruptions. I saw it after 9/11, I saw it during the Great Recession, and I’m seeing it now during this pandemic. 
Assuredly, there is a lot of wide-spread distress out there. But there are many pockets of families and professionals that haven’t been impacted much if at all – and many of us who are lucky enough not to be impacted, are at the same time spending less money than we ever thought imaginable.
If you’ve been lightly touched by these events, and you find $1200/$2400+ from the Federal Government in your mailbox, consider donating it to one of the many non-profits that are being decimated by a reduction in donations.  One of my favorites is this equine therapy place in Milford PA -GAIT
Stay Well,
Chuck Petersheim

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