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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Moving Day - Eldred to Wurtsboro

Eldred is no metropolis, and Wurtsboro isn't either.  But Wurtsboro is so much more centrally located for the radius of our work, and as a bonus is 30 minutes closer to Amanda, our Queen of design and administration and coordination.

Wurtsboro and the Rt 209 corridor is cool for a history buff like me because it runs parallel to the old D&H Canal system that moved product from Honesdale PA to Kingston NY and off to the Hudson River.  An insane man over nature, commerce at all costs effort of the 1820-1850's.  And by the time it was built and served a few years, it was outdated and being phased out by the train, a much quicker mode. 

I've kept a box - one I'm always concerned about where it is and what is in it - that I find on occasion as I clean out a closet and/or move.  I've lived a zig zaggy life so it's interesting to see what I have kept over the years.  It's not much, when you come down to it, but it's a good snapshot.

First, I have these US Bonds from the 80's and 90's that I'm most impressed I still have considering it's just a little envelope.   Mostly from my Mom, but one from my baseball coach back in 1982 when I played on an awesome little league baseball team.  I guess the idea is you buy them for half the face value, hold them for 30 years, and get face value plus.  Serious dough.  I'm going to give them to Lucas for his savings and chores account.

Take the time to turn your head for this one.  A note from a neighbor of property I owned in Lancaster PA.   He's complaining about the loud sex of my tenants.  Funny he didn't identify himself since it was clear who it was.  I think there was a followup letter to0.

Not great pictures, but a snap shot of the new digs.  There's 4 of us in the office and the dog.  The move went pretty well - big items on Monday, comps and printers tuesday, phones on Wednesday.

A shocking thing was discovered as we transferred our computers.  Through some oversight on the tech company's part, we hadn't been backing up our info since 2018, and when they went to transfer the data of the hard-drive, it failed.  The tech spent the night trying to remove the data, a lot of data, our entire business on one little hard-drive, that wasn't backed up and was now failing; I spent the night worried.

But they got it working and transferred.  I think what shook me up the most was the idea that this tech company failed to do it's most basic job - protect our data - while otherwise doing a great job keeping us up and running on a daily basis.  Because they did such a great job, we never would have considered they were failing to back up our data.

The Monday morning quarterbacking is easy, and how to prevent it from ever happening again is easy to engineer - but the idea that a trusted vendor couldn't be trusted to do their fundamental job without our oversight reminded me how there is only one person who really cares about thinking all these risks thru, and that is me, the Owner.  How many people have been put out of business or set back many years by a careless or dishonest vendor, employee or resource?

I do a walk with my dog most nights and recently I've been meeting up with a neighbor - A Father at the local Episcopal Church - and he noted losing your life's work like that is very much how someone feels after a fire.  I think that was a good analogy.

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