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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The State of Things - Catskill Farms

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We aren't a small company anymore.  We have a ton of obligations.  To our employees.  To our clients.  To our vendors.  The web of people and families and businesses that depend on us is really, not to exaggerate, is gigantic.

As the top, the owner, of a very non-top heavy organization, heavy lies the crown.  I'm in charge of the navigation.

So, we sail on, through the choppy seas.  At this point, beside our physical assets, and our intellectual property, and our top-tier employees, what gives us our most confident buoyancy is the depth of our relationships across a broad array of industries - banking, engineering, surveying, legal, accounting, financial planning.  These things don't matter - really just rather routine - until they do matter, and you do need to test the depth of experience of your team.  And when you find what you use on a daily basis to keep the motor turning is just the superficial surface of what they can offer, then, then you know you've got the team.

So, I hate to use the word 'fun', but it is something like 'fun', to see a path forward in the fog of this virus.  A path for my team, a path for our clients, a path for the interdependence of our process.

And I think it's called Value.  A Value born of 2 decades of concentration, hard work and dedication to providing the best we can.  Those are our roots and from those we return in these choppy waters. 

Head down, clear eyed, no tricks or glossy oversold marketing.  Provide value, stick to your lane, and call on those relationships that we have built when the weather was clear.

We are selling homes.  2 in March.  3 in April.  2 more in May.  Signing contracts, making deals.   Made possible by our Value, but also our Team.  How many homeowners who built a house over the last 5 years won't have a builder to call when this is all over cause the company didn't survive?

Seems like we will be here.  Maybe a little hobbled, maybe with some tattered trousers or bullet-hole scarred jacket and a little emaciated, but my money is bet that we will be here, building homes, and putting people in them.  And if the past reflects the future, we may just end up stronger than before, with another notch in our belt for survival, like we did after 9/11, or the Great Recession, or a hundred smaller challenges we've faced daily over the last 20 years.

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