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Monday, June 1, 2020

Milan NY Home for Sale - $650,000

This Ranch home in Milan is packing a big punch.  It's Milan, pronounced MYLYNN.  Now you know and can save some face.

We only build one or two over in Dutchess a year because it’s a little far for us, and it’s just harder to work over there with a pretty picky Board of Health, and very small building departments.  Sometimes I think both are by design to help in the effort of retarding growth.

But, whatevs, we got a good one going on 3.5+ acres.  It’s one of our famous Ranches – 2500 sq ft, lots of deck, shared living space and a really fun feel.  Can accommodate a big crowd as well as feel homey when it’s just the two of ya.  Here's a link to our site that details the floor plans

The specs are pretty fab - 3 beds, 3 baths, awesome media room space as well as plenty of room for an office, as well as plenty of room left over for storage in the basement.  Ton of decks, lots of windows, and good sized rooms.

Fireplace, check.  Energy efficient, double check.  Open floor plan, check.  Ton of fun accents and details, check.  House house warranty, check.  For Sale, check.

Price - $650,000

The below pic is a one we did with a screened porch, which was somewhat complicated but ended up being really nice.

Ranch 22 - Saugerties, Ulster County, NY

This property is literally less than 5 minutes off the thruway, and is a gateway home to the towns of Rhinebeck, Red Hook, Hudson and even east to the Berkshires or Vermont.  It sits up, like a tree house, and has an active river access that can be seen and is open to use as well.

Couple of interior shots - 
Ranch 22 - Saugerties, Ulster County, NY

Ranch 22 - Saugerties, Ulster County, NY

Our Ranches have been fun, and a big hit since we brought out the first ones in 2008.  Little guys, cute as a button.  Since it was an experiment we kept it simple, but year by year the sizes increased as more people expressed interest, and the general market stabilized.

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