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Friday, June 5, 2020

New Barn House for Sale in Kerhonkson- Barn 37

In order to meet demand, we are working hard to get our existing contracted homes rolling and get a few more in the 'ground'.  This home is just getting started and will be ready later in the year.

To that point, let me introduce Barn 37, a thoroughly modern lofty structure with a ton of windows and light.  We built the first one these back in 2010 or so, with the help of a young designer woman who envisioned a barn that played off previous versions of homes we built, but with a new slant.  From there it evolved over the years to include a front mudroom popout, a screened porch, a neat first floor bedroom/bath suite.  It weighs in at just under 2000 sf, has 2.5 baths, and 3 bedrooms.  Also has, will have, a basement with light and glass that could be finished at any point.

A similar barn home just finished.

This home benefited from a mistake a few years ago, where the house framer got something so wrong in the layout that it helped us see new ways to lay the house out, leading to a 2nd bath on the 2nd floor that made all the difference in terms of ease of ultimate use.

Will be located on the last lot on a private road in Kerhonkson NY, a road with 3 other Catskill Farms' homes.

3 or 4 different takes on the main space.

Easy house to love and live in.  Priced at $580,000.

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