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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Life in the fast lane

I don't know if I've used that title before, and I'm too lazy to go find out.  Typing on my new MacBook Air, my 3rd since 2012.  I like this piece of equipment - my first one rocked, my 2nd had some bugs, and hoping for the best on this one.

So much action, seriously, and no room for anything unexpected in the production force, which is never a good bet to make.  Life always happens.

My residence for 10 years, in Eldred NY, just got rented for a good price.  The woman who rented it on behalf of their family was literally in labor as she was nailing down the lease - I think her exact words were 'I'm in labor, so I end this email abruptly you know why'.  First time for everything but a great real life indicator of how tight the market is.

This new home in Callicoon NY had 3 bids in the same weekend, two of them doctors from Manhattan.

This house just going up also just went into contract to a couple who had been looking for years -

The Mini-barn with views in the Beechwoods outside of Callicoon just went into contract -

Barn 36 in Saugerties, under contract

Farm 57, some old tune, under contract -

Multiple bids, under contract

Multiple bids, under contract

Signed up before we got started and locked in this Ranch -

And the one over the river outside Rhinebeck, Under Contract.

Small Olivebridge farmhouse, under contract.

And 3 or 4 more pending.

Picking up 4 pieces of new land in Olivebridge, and 16 pieces in Saugerties.  Have added to our construction team, counting my blessings I moved attorney firms last year (in order to keep up) and relying on a lot of long-established relationships to keep us motoring.  This is not the time to be putting together a team - like I was in the last super boom of 2003/2004, when no one needed work, and you got stuck with the c or d team who overcharged you and and produced not the best work and you were lucky to have them.

Interesting times indeed.

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