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Friday, August 7, 2020

Jumping the Hurdles - No New Clients Moratorium.

 I could start this blog post with reporting new sales we booked this week, but that just seems boring at this point.  A better way to describe the Catskill Farms sales activity is to reflect on the announcement of no new clients - A Sales Moratorium.  So congratulations to those who made it in under the bell, before the avalanche sealed off the Indian Jones like cave escape.  For the time being, no more people through the velvet ropes of our door.

This is a first in our 20 year history, the first time we couldn't accommodate the families who wanted to build with us.  We expect this to continue through early October.

Though, like I said earlier, for every fantastic event, we seem to be having an equal not so terrific event.  Family illness in one of important employees, production delays in unexpected corners (like kitchens now taking 13 weeks instead of 3), website got deleted, my contact in my phone got corrupted, and now the hurricane knocked out power to many, diverting the attention of the electric utility company who was days away from installing electric at 6 of our home sites.  Oh, and my new Garmin for my bike refuses to sync with my phone, if that doesn't beat all.

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