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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Got A Drone

Some of the best shots of real estate is from the air, so the the new drone has been a fun addition to my marketing bag of tricks.  Pretty simple to operate, with lots of safety features if you don't get the cheapest one, like collision avoidance, a 'home' button that brings it back home when you push the limits, range et... too far, and a bunch of other stuff.  Should also help get better perspective on land and such as I'm buying it.

Bought it right in time for the peak foilage season up here the Catskills.  The thing about the 'peak', is you get several false peaks, thinking it can't get better than this, but it does, and then there is that one day, or collection of days, where it really is the peak, and then it quickly fades into the avalanche of falling leaves, and then bare trees before you know it.

My first trial run, besides at my house in Milford PA, was up at our project in Kerhonkson NY we just built out. It was 4 homes, sold quick, and the families are loving them now that the world has changed.

Here's a pic of the famous hotel in Milford named the Fauchere.

This is a shot of a farmhouse, looking east towards the Gunks and New Paltz.

A Ranch.

Shot of a barn going up in Cochecton, NY.

The Delaware River.

Another Ranch in Kerhonkson.

And my All-Star Team of cross-disciplinarians.  When you stay as busy as we stay, it's a constant crush of real responsibility across everyone's desktop.  


All the problems of yesterday are receding, 4 months into solving them.  I can tell by my need to write about them, a process I have always found to help me untangle the issue, and identify ways forward.   Now I'm left to solve the 100 regular problems that arise each day.  The bottom-line solution is always the same - dig in, sacrifice everything else, work hard and harder, and solve one layer of the issue at the same - the ol' 'a journey starts with a single step'.  The sacrifice is always real - in this case, waking before 4am, not coaching, keeping my son out of travel leagues, having little energy left over for life other than work.  Each morning I wake now, I slowly can see the extreme nature of the last 4 months, with business doubling, and black swan issues diving from the sky out of nowhere.

Of course, there is another way to - make excuses, fall behind, disappoint vendors/bankers/clients alike, sidetrack your business and lose the momentum which is extremely hard to recapture.  We have been on a forward momentum train for 20 years - some times slower than others, but always moving forward.  It's way too dangerous for survival to be sitting in one place.

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