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Saturday, November 14, 2020

2020 Election, Part Deux

Let me get this argument straight for my own benefit.  The same vote that saw the Democrats get smashed country-wide in the House, and gain little in the Senate, and sustained many State and Local Republicans, that same vote, that same ballot, for the President was somehow fraudulently cast?  Is that the gist of the argument?   Seems weak and non-sensical, and logistically hard to pull off.

But the close races - jeez - Arizona by 10,000 (maybe Trump shouldn't have attacked John McCain), Georgia by 15,000 (maybe Trump shouldn't toned down his racist leanings), Wisconsin, PA.  While the overall popular vote was pretty large in Biden's favor, the State's that 'matter' weren't, other than Michigan.

It's a shame this criminal Trump can't celebrate the awesome feat of American Democracy, where 150,000,000 million people voted, and the voted smoothly and waited in lines for hours, and braved a pandemic, and participated in the process by volunteering - on both sides.

Although polling is being disparaged right now, It's actually fascinating to look back on how much good information these candidates had.  Trump knew mail-in ballots would raise turnout and that was bad for him (hence post office and legal shenanigans), Biden knew the Blue Wall states of Michigan, Wisconson and Minnesota were critical to his success and also knew Georgia was more likely than Florida.  Trump knew it was going to be close, and that the counts would take time, and that would be the period he could sow chaos - so he and his minions prevailed on Republican controlled state legislators in PA and others NOT to change their laws and start counting mail-in ballots early.  It's just amazing how these campaigns - Trumps especially - were gaming this out, saw the writing on the walls (suburban women), and used all their levers of power to disrupt it.  I mean, who messes with the Post Office?  Who actually knew the Post Office could be messed with?  There's a genius in that, but nothing to be respected or taught to our children.

It's ridiculous the way some on the right are claiming 'victimhood'.  Let's add this up - you have $1,000,000,000 war chest, you have the power of the incumbency which can't be overstated, you have right-wing radio more or less an arm of your campaign, you have Fox News and their commentators, you have all the levers of power to mess with the institutions that keep things straight, you have the bully pulpit and earned media (unpaid news coverage) from your daily press conferences, you have gigantic rallies, you have a motivated electorate, you have a large segment of first time voters coming out, you turn out the vote, and you still lose, and it's the other sides fault because it's rigged?

Because the polls were off.  Because the lamestream media didn't give you credit for anything (here's a tip - people you punch in the nose everyday aren't going to be friendly).  How sad.  It's very clear Trump turned off a fair amount of decent people who couldn't deal with his daily antics and insults, were embarrassed for their children, were tired of Trump being part of their daily lives with his tweets and fights.  Although good article in Today's Post about how White Evangelical Christians played a disproportionate part in his turnout - which is gross, since he is clearly the least Christian man who has held that office.

I'm looking forward to Boring Biden, who respects policy, surrounds himself with experts, and puts our Country's needs before his needs.  Mostly, I look forward to people like my mom, and there are millions of them, who aren't stressed each and everyday by the unacceptable behavior of their President, and allowing them to return to their lives, to live unburdened by the need to defend or attack on a daily basis behavior they would never accept from a teacher, a friend, a coach or a man of the cloth.

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