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Saturday, November 21, 2020


 I'm a team guy.  I create teams, scout teams, mentor teams, respect teams, learn from teams.  Value teams.   Clearly, anyone who achieves anything of any size has an appreciation of teams.

I work daily with teams that work well, teams that are inefficient, teams that are unselfish, teams that execute well, teams that don't.  Just like I'm in this weird place politically where everyday I interact intensely from a broad selection of persons from all over the political spectrum, I also am at the center of literally hundreds of teams, and their individual players.

I mention it because, like all human nature, I tend to dwell on the shitty teams that give me heartburn, and overlook the dozens who kill it each and every day.  I don't really overlook them, but if something is going well, and time and attention is scare, you aren't going to go around fluffing all the teams that are performing well - you spend your time coaching, cajoling, convincing the teams that are underperforming, urging them to the goal-line.

Perspective is everything - you keep in the mind the many things that are going well, as you work through the ones that aren't - that really is the healthiest and most fun way to get along in business (and life).

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