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Friday, December 11, 2020

Out of the Wilderness and a few more sold.

We sold 3 homes in the last 4 weeks.  The farmhouse below in Olivebridge NY, and now a 
Ranch in Milan over by Rhinebeck, and a mini-barn in Narrowsburg.  We get around fo sure.

Most of these homes were started during the uncertainty of the beginning of the pandemic, and built during the daily changes of rules, regulations and lock downs.  We got it done, and now have a pipeline of about 12 homes we need to deliver over the next 6 months.

Lumber prices have more than doubled, products like windows now take 10 weeks when they used to take 3, appliances are mostly unavailable as showrooms are unable to source product.  It's been challenging, and I'm thankful we have a full staff and a deep bench of trusted suppliers who are working hard to do their best to get us what we need and our clients want.   But it's harder now, a lot harder.

What happens as a small business person is that big problems need big solutions, and typically they aren't able to be delegated, even though I'm a very good delegator, when possible.  So what happens is the business owner's life gets hijacked, and all things must fall away and delayed until the problem is solved, and sometimes that takes months or more.  There is no other path, and most times it's completely unexpected, except as a small business owner, the unexpected is always expected.  Your life is not really yours, it's your business'.   

We had the pandemic, truly a disruptor.   Then we had an employee with a health emergency take 3+ months off without warning, we had a deleted website and the need to hire a web designer to rebuild the site (without warning),  a complete shit show of disappointing vendors in my 3 house project in Phoenixville PA near Valley Forge and a host of other things.  Now that I'm on the back side of fixing each of those issues, beginning with the first step and seeing it through to the end, I see the drain and stress and tolls these tasks took on me.  It takes a seriously hardy constitution and ability to meet the challenge, or challenges.

And more importantly, to solve these issues without letting your current clients feel/take the brunt of the unexpected disruptions.

A 2600 sq ft 3 bedroom and 3 bath Ranch in Milan NY, sold for just under $700,000.

A 960 sg ft Mini-Barn in Narrowsburg NY sold for under $350,000.

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