Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Narrowsburg Fire Dept Pancake Breakfast

A little late, but I'm sure they would still accept your donation.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mini Barn 2

Literally, in the course of 15 hrs, 3 appliance orders consisting of 16 appliances have been diverted to a new vendor.  It's that guys lucky day I guess.  My friend Eric from Nest wrote me a text 'someone should disconnect her email.'  Funny stuff.

Here's our New Mini Barn 2 in Narrowsburg.  I love this design.  This one we created a spiral staircase serving the loft space which really makes it a whole new layout. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Another email From Peggy Jensen, from Sohns

(not sure why it highlights in white, not my highlighting - probably a function of the word processor typewriter they use there)

Dear Mr. Petershein,

      I simple was also trying to help out a mutual customer.  What I was simply saying was I contacted YOU by email and also left 2 voice mail messages.  I was not asking you to run interference.  Your client was under the impression that you were willing to help her out ( and you did - thank you).  I was under the impression that you would get back to us and let us know that you were willing to help out.  I find this email disturbing.  

     You are a coward.   The words you used in this email is disturbing.  I notice your blog is one sided, and I am sure you will not allow my post.  

      I will send this email to my boss.

(it's always best to spell 'simply' correctly, and spell your customer's name right).

Sohns Replaced

Well, that took all of 10 minutes to replace this vendor with a bigger, cheaper more proactive company we used to use the past.

A lot of our vendors have been with us since 2007 - watching Sohns implode when confronted with one intractable issue is a testament to all those who have navigated dozens of similar issues over a dozen of years.

Here's to them.

Sohns Appliances Strike Out

So, here we are, sending all of our clients to Sohns Appliances, a little appliance store somewhere in the Hudson Valley.  They do a good job, but to be honest, we make it easy on them - we demand our clients use them, the clients don't comparison shop online too much, they make their decision, we line up the delivery and wallah, there it is.  We do 12 homes a year so figure 72 appliances a year.  So obviously, we are one of their biggest clients.

And our clients hardly use their stuff, so the warranty claims are minimal.  There's a big difference between the full time family with 3 kids and all their friends, vs. our weekend clients who eat out half the time and most aren't bringing a lot of kids up and such.

So our one client over in Barryville bought a stove, and she's a veteran home-owner, has raised a family, done a Ton of cooking and every time she went to use her stove it would randomly fail.  So she would be baking and it would fail right in the middle of some cookies or cupcakes or some other love-filled exercise.  So this has been happening for a year and each fix takes 3 weeks to order the part, schedule the service, so finally we had to get tough and say enough is enough.  And the Petersheim heat is no fun for anyone.

Now, before you read this, remember we've probably only had 3 service calls in 4 years and 200 appliances and we've never had a comparable experience where someone bought a lemon.  Not that it's really Sohn's fault, but they sold the thing so they should have a lemon policy or something  dont you think?

This is how Sohns reacts when I tell them to fix it or replace it.

The email below is like the 4th email I've gotten from Peggy with various levels of rudeness expressed with bad grammar, misspellings and CAPITAL LETTERS.  Thing is, they fixed the problem (for now) so all of it was the height of amateurism because the problem was behind us.  In construction, yesterday's remedied problems are quickly forgotten because their are new ones today.

Like I tell my clients all the time, the amount of baloney like this we shield them from is unquantifiable it's so immense.  Bottomline, for all the squirming, worming, excuses, 2nd rate treatment - the stove's now fixed.  And it wouldn't be if I let it run it's natural course of delay - two weeks turn into 4, then the wrong part comes in, then it's not the right diagnosis, and then you start again.


As the person who runs the service department at Sohns Appliance, A call was made to us about a stove that again was not working.  We made an appointment with the customer who was only available very early in the morning and I changed my service tech schedule so he could accommodate her.  

My service tech was on time and diagnosed what the issue was and ordered the part.  The part came direct from the manufacture as none of my vendors had the part.

I called the customer and was directed to contact "Chuck". I emailed twice, I called and left 2 messages.  NONE WERE RETURNED! (I was out of the office)

The customer had to contact him direct, I feel that is poor service. Do not put it on me Mr. Peterschein. I understand where you want to take care of your clients, but every one of our customer are VERY important to us.  I am sorry that you do not see that.

If moving on is going to make you happy, then goodbye.  You will not find more professional, accommodating, supportive and friendly staff anyplace.

This email is for the service department only.  Please do not email me again, unless it is service related.  Please contact John Sohns, Dale Hammond or Dave Jansen with any other correspondence.

Thank you,

Peggy Jansen
Service Desk
23-27 Main Street
Walden,  NY  12586