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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Farmhouse 43 is now home to a new family!

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Barn 18: Catskill Real Estate

Barn 18, a 3 bed and 2.5 bath home with a seriously open floor plan, was sold to lucky buyers that found this to be the best pick of the Catskill real estate.  This home is in a beautiful, secluded wooded lot in Bearsville, near downtown Woodstock, where the Catskills real estate is exceeding. We wish the new owners the best of luck. May new memories be better than ever, in the comfort of a 2200 sq ft new modern barn home.

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Farm 4, Awesome Catskill Real Estate Find

Farmhouse 4 in North Branch NY, SuCo, was resold last week after 12+ years of ownership by Michael and Andy. Our sister company, Lazy Meadows Realty - represented the sellers, and we got an offer and final sales date within 60 days.

Farm 4 put Catskill Farms on map because it was just a really unique well-designed home that branched off from our 'reinvention of the farmhouse' of our previous 3. It's weird to say 'our previous 3' because it conjures up still fresh memories of how inexperienced and treacherous our existence was at the time (2004), and it also juxtaposes our current state where we are completing our 120th home, have expanded to 3 other counties, and can build 15 homes with the effort it used to build one.

Farm 4 was a one story, 3 bedroom home with big views the whole way over the wind turbines in Waymart PA 50 miles away. A farm with cows across the street and a just down the hill a small deli/convenience store where a middle eastern family worked 7 days a week, raised some boys in the attached house and sent them to first class colleges.

Farm 4 was a continued stab at home design creativity - yet still unvarnished and imprecise. We happened to be renovating an old farmhouse up the street 10 miles and we took product from there and installed in Farm 4, like the porch floor we used as wainscoting in the kitchen. It's a creative house, a large canvas for a new designer.
It sat in a meadow, instead of the woods. It was one story. It had high but not pointless ceiling heights. When I walked through it before we sold it, it was like a time capsule - and I marveled at how well the house held up, and how many materials and processes we used in 2004 that we still use today - a testament for a vision that has stood the test of time.
Michael and Andy left this home not without heart pangs and sweet and painful nostalgia - a testament of how the homes of Catskill Farms have changed lives, improved them, augmented them - for over 15 years now and counting.

Farm 4 made its way back into the Catskill real estate, but it did not last long on the market. This is an awesome piece of history for real estate in the Catskills and for us, at Catskill Farms.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

The gun show? It's in Chuck's attic. 

Laugh with the founder of Catskill Farms' awesome analogies. What a relatable, simple way of describing the business! Flex with the man behind the homes that bring Catskill real estate the attention it deserves 👌

Monday, June 5, 2017

Farm 41,Bethel NY and The Big Barn, Narrowsburg NY - SOLD!

Fun day at Catskill Farms and Lazy Meadows, with each selling a home today. Catskill Farms is selling Farmhouse 41, a spectacular piece of Sullivan County NY real estate. This brand new 1600 sq ft, 3 bedroom and 2 bath house in Bethel NY strikes all the right chords. Lazy Meadows listed and sold within a weekend a $960k Big Barn that Catskill Farms designed and sold a few years ago. Congrats to all 3 players - buyers of Farmhouse 41, buyers of Big Barn resale, and the seller of Big Barn resell. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ulster County // Catskill Real Estate // Catskill Farms

Ulster County real estate is looking sharper than ever. Beautiful towns like Saugerties, Woodstock and Kerhonkson, are now starting to see the fine presentation and personality that we think homes deserve. Homes built by Catskill Farms, are growing in quantity bringing great attention to the Catskill real estate market. We're making it easy for you to live the live you've dreamed of. Morning trips to the farmers market, mountain hiking in the afternoon and hammocking it out after a good day: That's so Catskills. A revolutionary lifestyle. Keep up with our Catskill real estate or miss out!

Use your imagination, see into the future! You know Farmhouse 42 is going to be a charmer:

It's a baby! Ranch 22 is brand new construction. Sleek and unique:

Soon coming to theaters near you: Barn 22 is a masterpiece in the making. Keep an eye out for this one:

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cottage 22, SOLD


Lazy Meadows listed and sold this 2009 Catskill Farms' Cottage resale last week. This SuCo (Sullivan County NY real estate) home is a shinning example of the extraordinary weekend retreats scattered around the Catskills real estate.