Thursday, April 16, 2015

Farmhouse 30, Sold

Farm 30 in Olivebridge NY, just south of the Ashokan Reservoir.

Living room with a bank of windows looking at High Mountain.

From the kitchen.

Basement Wet Bar.  The basement's got some mojo, with the wet bar with salvaged wood, the wine closet, the  retractable  TV screen, the bookshelves, bedroom and bathroom.

We used a new cable rail, steel post, open tread system.  Pretty hot.

Really nice color, 4 panel doors, early american stain, simple light fixture.

Dual sink, walk in shower and complimentry light fixtures.

Walk out basement, salvaged half wall, built ins and a movie screen up there somewhere.

Homeowner mid-winter design meeting.

Where it all began.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lincoln's Assassination and the End of the Civil War

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 Fords Theater.

I remembered my overly cologned moustached 7th grade teacher teaching us how to remember how to spell Assassination.

It takes two asses to kill the number 1 man in the nation.  The fact that he used the word ass in class was borderline scandalous.  He's also the guy who taught us to remember dessert vs desert by remembering that you always want 2 desserts.

I'm a big history fan.  And a Big History fan.  And a big Civil War buff.  It's a little overdone and passe to be lincoln fan now, but I've been a fan for years and never have had a spec home furnished without hanging a good luck abe lincoln print.

The Times has been doing a once or twice weekly blog about the civil war for 5 years now, since it's the 150 anniversary of the attempted disunion of these United States.

Tomorrow is the 150 anniversary of Lincoln's assassination.  The war ended a few days ago, 150 years back.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sullivan County, via Miami Beach

Last week in Sullivan County...

Meanwhile, the other half in Miami Beach....

Not sure if I posted my recent musings -

Upstate Mini -Homes

Well Driller Blues

Man Vs Mud

Monday, March 30, 2015

Ranch, Farmhouse, and Barn

Catskill Farms common area.

Steve the Architect.

The Owner.

The Project Coordinator, Pete.

Narrowsburg Ranch.  1400 sq ft, 2 bedrooms.

Barn 14 in Saugerties.  Like a good Hotel, we skipped Barn 13.

Farm 34 in Saugerties.

Barn house in Saugerties.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

At the Airport, Miami Beach Bound

Off to Miami.  Lucas said it was embarrassing that we went to the wrong airport, missed our plane, and now sit in Newark at 4:45 am catching our replacement.  Hard to disagree with him on this one.  And regrettably, hard to blame on anyone else.

Farm 31 in Kerhonkson, coming to a conclusion.  I'm hoping by the time I get back, the snow is gone and the seasons have changed.

Stone, salvaged wood, and a radiator, a strapped hinged barn door and a 9light 2 panel red front door and a schoolhouse pendent light.

(i.e., Nice Mudroom)

Some some salvaged red barn wood at the 2nd floor open tbd space.

A Bedroom anyone could enjoy.

And my photo for my Campaign for the Supervisor of Highland.  Once elected, I'll be the first modern manager our town has ever seen - badly needed after the fiscal fiasco we are currently experiencing.  The River Reporter is already arming their slingshot with mud, but that can only be expected from those community-manipulators over there.  They celebrate the entrenched ineptitude and incompetence of their friends regardless of the negative impact on the Community at large and most of us are tired of it.

Someone is to blame for Sullivan County's 3 decade decay, and my nomination are these folks, and their blinded followers. With so much going for it in terms of beauty and proximity to NYC, the lack of economic progress is due to lack of effective leadership.  The self-dealing of Sullivan County's do-gooder class is fascinating to me, sad for those for those more directly impacted.

It's possible that my entry into the political fray will motivate other smart people to do the same, augmenting the choices of the voters, which is never a bad thing.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Weekend House Visits and loitering in Kingston

Art auction on a Saturday night in Kingston at the Outdated Cafe.

A Barn House in Saugerties.

This Farmhouse in Kerhonkson.

A Cottage in Olivebridge.

Train show in Kingston Sunday Afternoon.