Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nest Plow Service

Eric from Nest Property Services is pretty good at plowing on the bullshit, especially when it comes to why my insurance rates are so high (he runs the go-to family-run insurance company up here), but he also gets into winter snow plowing.

I mention it because I hear there is snow on the way.

Eric - 914-799-1087.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Showing Us the Love

I was out and about last Sunday snapping surprising some folks with spontaneous pictures and laying out some homes.

The Guys (both in Finance I believe) over at the Cottage 46 in Narrowsburg, sporting the new Catskill Farms cooking apron.

The Guys (one a psychoanalyst, the other a CEO of a healthcare group) over on Evergreen Lane in Narrowsburg, celebrating their new awesome driveway and their home about to be started.

Two sisters (google and Facebook pros I believe) who with two others just moved in the the new modern mid-century in Narrowsburg.  This pic was last Saturday on Move In Day.

And the Better half of the top photo mixing some batter.

All good over here in Catskill Farms land.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Upstater Contribution

My latest, as guest blogger for Upstater, the end all be all of upstate real estate guidance.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Homes Going UP

Yes, that is snow you see.

Mini Barn 2 in Narrowsburg.

Expanded this time with a spiral stair to the loft.  Ready for paint and floor sanding.

Farm 26 in Narrowsburg -

Trim carpentry phase.  Then Paint.

This Modern number in Narrowburg just sold on Friday.  More on that shortly.

Jeez, how'd that pic of Miami Beach get in here?

Anyways, a Barn house for sale in Rhinebeck NY.  

Farm 33 in Rhinebeck NY.  Framing starts next week.

The Tear down and Rebuild up outside of Woodstock NY.  We are just about finishing up the tile work inside, which will segue into the kitchen installation.

Farm 30 up in Olivebridge NY is on the Fast track.  Plumbing, heating and electric rough in phase.

Farm 32 in Kerhonkson NY, just below the Ashokan Reservior.  Just entering Sheetrock Phase.

Farm 31in Kerhonkson.  For sale - $455k.  Just starting the Sheetrock.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Farm 28 - Narrowsburg - SOLD

Everything about this home is awesome.