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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sullivan County NY Real Estate and Construction Projects.

Sullivan county NY real estate is probably the best value with in 2 hours of the city.  Offers the most diverse land offerings and most glorious settings.  I've been living and building and designing and fathering here since 2002.  Here are a few of the local projects we currently have going - 

A 3400 sq ft Barn home on 200 acres in Livingston Manor, NY.  This is a custom build.

A barn cottage in Bethel New York.  This home will be for sale shortly. Bethel NY.

Come with pond access.

This new 1600 sq ft farmhouse is spoken for and just getting started.  Bethel NY.

 And a 1300 sq ft cottage that will be for sale shortly.  Bethel NY.

And then we have this finished farmhouse for sale in Narrowsburg NY.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

General tidbits about our daily range of activities.

A Ranch in Red Hook New York is just going into contract.  I bought the land in 2012 and it was a pretty special piece of land and I spent 4 years studying the land and deciding what to build.  We built a ranch, expanded it mid-way, and now have a father, mother, son and daughter in law buying to share.  Validating.

Damn deer.

Our real estate company, Lazy Meadows, represent this bar/restaurant/hotel in Narrowsburg NY.  Seems like it is going into contract after 6 years on the market.

Washing the Malibu and getting it ready to put away for the season.  Great car and a lot of great trips this summer.

After 4 years with our Dodge 2500, we just traded in and upgraded.  Work Horse.  Like everyone that associates with Catskill Farms.

15kw solar system at Catskill Farms offices.  Meets 100% of our electric need most every month.

Stopped by a grocery store and had ice cream aisle envy.   Our local Pecks has one door full.  This had 2 aisles.

New 3200 sq ft barn house going up in Livingston Manor NY.  Owners own I think close to 200 acres.

And our new cottage in Stone Ridge NY.

Incredibly busy.  Incredible people we are working with.  Incredible forecast for next 12 months.

Wasted Weekends? - Good New Homes For Sale.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ride around SuCo, lookin' at the projects.

Once again we find ourselves digging into someone else's handy work, meaning going in and jumpstarting a subdivision or project that has seen less than stellar sales , and many times, no sales at all, remarkably.

We did it Narrowsburg on Lake Ridge Road, again in Narrowsburg on Mathias Weiden Road, again in Narrowsburg on Evergreen/Maple Road, onto York Lake in Barryville, Autumn Ridge road was abandoned 20 yrs before we took over and built it out in a year,  Dawson Lane in Kerhonkson and it's 125 acres and a bunch of lots and land on Star Jem Road in Saugerties.  Remarkable stuff, serious heavy lifting.

This is a good little project completed in 2006 or so, and then, wait for it, nothing.  No sales.   Or hardly any.  So my friend david said I should check it out and I did and I now own 4 lots and will build 4 homes shortly.   Zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds flat.

Lot 1, with a Cottage.

Lot 2 with a Barn Cottage.

Damn stupid deer.  Eric from Misner Insurance hooking me up.

Weiden Lake over in Narrowsburg.

Not one of our homes.

For sale, farmhouse on 10 acres with lake rights.  Pretty sweet.

And 3 new lots we are building out in Barryville NY near York Lake.

The mystic Delaware River.  Coming from Narrowsburg in the early morning can be a bit spiritual if you are into those type of touchy-feely things.

Crazy new classic car place in Eldred.  I mean, stupid cool.

The Mechanic, Co-Owner.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

NYC - 9/11/16

Went in to see Toruk, an Avatar Cirque Du Soleil show at the Barclays Center on 9/11 with The Boy.  

Here's the GW.

And my old hood on Berkley Place between 6 and 7th.  Still got the purple door.

And lucas after a water balloon accident.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Pics of Clients enjoying their homes

I've often wished I could capture more family pics of people enjoying their homes - and then I remembered - Facebook.  Duh.

Here's a post with some aggregated photos.  https://www.facebook.com/catskillfarms/

Friday, September 2, 2016

Sullivan County New York Real Estate

Catskill Farms' digital strategy has come a long way since we sold Farm 5 and Deb and I were so country we couldn't figure out how to draw a signature line on a word doc so we used a ruler, drew it in, and then photocopied it to erase the traces of the shortcut.

Google organic search, google pay per clicks, link building, brand building, social media - all a constant effort of maintenance and improvement.  Very easy to do a lot of social media poorly, so we've done our best to do a few things well (janis joplin anyone?)

So currently we are working on improving our organic search rankings for keywords like catskills real estate, sullivan county new york real estate and ulster county new york real estate - some of the big ticket ways our big data has shown us that our future clients begin their upstate quest.

The data and analytics available to measure the progress of our efforts are pretty cool, though it's easy to think the data shows one thing, when it doesn't or actually does show that thing but for reasons other than you think.  

Very simple to waste money in digital advertising, and I think we have a real competitive advantage with our knowledge and persistence.