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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Catskill Farms ReSales

People always want to know  - or at least it's on there list of questions - about the resale of our homes.  It's always been tough to answer for a few different reasons - first the recession made any sales questions hard to answer, and 2nd, not many families ever try/want to sell them.

Recently however, there have been a few come to the market and they have flown off the shelf at great prices - one literally went in 14 hours, another in 5 weeks, and a 3rd in 6 weeks and another in less than a month.  That's pretty speedy for upstate real estate.  As David Knudsen said a few weeks back, maybe Sullivan County's challenge isn't more wine bars and restaurants, but rather more good houses.  I certainly agree with that, and have found it to be true over and over.

Cottage 9 in Eldred resold by Lazy Meadows Realty.

(since we were repainting it anyways, the new owners got to have their pick of colors).

Cottage 13 in Barryville.

Barn V in Narrowsburg seems to be going into contract - Country House Realty and Lazy Meadows Realty.

Cottage 13 in Eldred NY.  

And then one up Saugerties last year.

Good taste priced right is a pretty good recipe for sure.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Eldred, Kerhonkson, Olivebridge, Woodstock, Saugerties, Copake, Hudson & New Paltz

Well, left at 5am from Eldred, and ended up in New Paltz after a 4 county tour of our homes under construction.

6:30am - Sunrise in the Roundout Valley.

7am, Kerhonkson - Farm 36 punch list inspection.

7:15, Kerhonkson - Finished home review.

7:30am, Kerhonkson, laid out a new ranch house with the excavators.

8am - saw some old friends, below, in Olivebridge on my way to a meeting with the Woodstock Building Department at 9am.

10am, Saugerties, - A Ranch house 1/2 way done and in Contract.

10:15am, Saugerties, - Barn 14, Sold last month.

 10:25am, Saugerties - Farm 35 final walk-thru with the contractors.


 Clients gettin' freaky with the wallpaper and the accent colors in the pre-teen girls' room.

Just about done.

10:30am, Saugerties - meeting with snow plowing vendor to discuss our 5 driveways and 1/4 long private road.

11:30, Copake NY, close to the Taconic, in Columbia County to review foundation footings.

1pm, Hudson NY - leisurely walk down Warren Street. My early week jaunts through these towns are many times met with closed stores and early week rest from the retailers who make their money on the weekends.

2pm, Hudson Ny for some tossed greens and french onion soup and english breakfast tea.

4pm, New Paltz - stopped by the flower shop to buy my elderly neighbors some flowers, and then 2 beers and a blog post.

Only real question is do I go out to the next block over and grab some indian food, or not.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ranch 12 - Narrowsburg NY - SOLD

Cool little 1300 sq ft 2 bedroom 1 bath new Ranch in Narrowsburg sold on Friday, bringing our total new build sales in 2015 to like 15 or something crazy big like that - across 4 primo upstate counties.

I like this design because it's so modest up front, but then is perfectly suitable for a sloping lot and lots of glazing and glass on the back side.  We didn't finish off the basement on this one, but it's a no brainer if the stream of visitors proves overwhelming to the upstairs space.

Wide open common area.

The new owners keep the modern out of modern, combining more cabiny and cottagey touches than a trimless modern approach.

Saddle up to the kitchen.

Light a fire in the wood burning stove.

Rustic cable rail approach.

Expansive kickass  bath with duel sinks.

 Cued up, and knocked down.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Crazy Business

We deal with a lot of money, many times the biggest expenditure of someone's life, so lots of funny things happen along the way, but by in large, things go pretty well.  We are probably pushing $100m in transactions by now.

But sometimes people just really lose control of themselves. like this client who claims we 'took a door' from his house, and now is going to invest hundreds of manhours calling all my clients, most of whom I have zero business with anymore.  And call the police.  I'll keep his name out of it just cause I'm a nice guy.

"So ‎ - assume that you do not have tje intention to return the items taken 
Will notify the authorities 
Also we obtained at county today a  list of all ‎properties sold by Catskill Farms as well as the permits you filed  ( if any) 
Nevertheless, We will start calling them asking for our door since we assume you use this for another project  
Once concluded in Sullivan, we will extend the search to other countries,  
Rest assure we will continue until we find it

Your blog and website is giving us valuable information about each property"

I mean, seriously.  I guess if you're a client you might get a call looking a door.  If you have it, give it back please.

Monday, November 9, 2015

What a year!

Catskill Farms' doubled in size and now we work in 4 counties.

Ran for political office, lost, but made a hell of a racket about ineptitude and selfish-ness.

And my son finally got all 4 limbs to work together instead of independently.